Judi & Rachel (repost)



Judi McLeod, who with her husband John was a Toronto Sun fixture so many years ago, has quickly taken fired Sun Media columnist Rachel Marsden to her bosom.

Judi, publisher of the Canada Free Press web site, posted a previous Marsden article in October, but the coupling now seems more permanent with Rachel's photo and bio on the site.

Rachel's topic for her CFP column today? War and how to play it. And yes, she replays the Sun's reaction to her torture column that got her fired and Lou Clancy's Liberal conspiracy.

As David Letterman would say: "Who cares?"

The Sun is a better place without her.

Buh-bye Rachel...

Rachel Marsden Possibly Not Subdued With Tranq Gun


Don't you hate it when gossip is disappointing?

I just poked a New York City media source for info on the Rachel Marsden firing. After the Page Six story, I was hoping to hear that she started running around News Corp's headquarters with her panties on her head and then had to be taken down with rubber bullets. But the story I got wasn't that exciting. Oh well.

Read the rest of the story at http://www.hogonice.com/2007/06/rachel_marsden_possibly_not_su.html

Warren Kinsella vs. Randy Hillier


Thursday, May 17, 2007
Warren Kinsella's basic food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and laundry detergent?
By now, I'm sure most of you have noticed Warren Kinsella's attempt to smear Ontario Conservative Randy Hillier on his (Kinsella's) blog. Small Dead Animals does an efficient smackdown, and she's not alone. However, there is one aspect of this that has been missed.

Warren takes issue with Hillier for part of this sentence: "I will remove health inspectors who pour bleach on egg sandwiches at church socials." Taken to its logical conclusion, I can only assume that Warren wants to make sure every Ontarian's diet includes the proper daily amount of - laundry detergent.

I can see the ad now: Vote Liberal for your daily cup of tasty Clorox!

Perhaps someone should ask Dalton McGuinty if Dub-K is still drawing a check from the Ontario Liberal Party. If so, they're not getting their money's worth from him, as political adviser or nutritionist!

Rachel Marsden: Fox's Ann Coulter 2.0 | Salon News



Fox's Ann Coulter 2.0

Conserva-babe and star-in-the-making Rachel Marsden has a, um, colorful past. What was Fox thinking?

By Rebecca Traister

March 29, 2007

Marsden grew up in a suburb of Vancouver. Her father, Claude, was a high school teacher who in 2000 had his teaching license suspended after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student. Marsden, in the bio on her Web site, describes growing up listening to Canadian talk-radio bulldog Jack Webster. "Listening to these radio shows during visits to grandma's house ignited a lifelong passion," writes Marsden, adding, "Rachel finds it cute when liberals think they have an original argument. Chances are she heard it for the first time at the age of 7." Marsden also writes that as a "former national level competitive swimmer who still holds records in BC, [she] lives for challenges and thrives on competition."

It was swimming that led Marsden to meet Liam Donnelly at the Westminster Club where they both swam in 1990, when she was 15 and he 22. Three years later she enrolled to study biology at the famously progressive, Utopian Simon Fraser University, where Donnelly was swim coach. In 1995, she accused Donnelly, who was not her coach, of sexual harassment and date rape, claiming that he repeatedly molested her over the course of a 16-month friendship/relationship. Donnelly claimed he was innocent, and on the advice of a lawyer, boycotted the university's investigation into Marsden's claims.

In 1997, SFU fired Donnelly. The university agreed to pay Marsden $12,000 to compensate her for injury to her feelings and the academic scholarship she lost during the case. It was reported that they denied her request to be part of the hiring process for a new swim coach.

Donnelly fired back, alleging that it was Marsden who had done the harassing. He handed over photos of the scantily clad student that he claimed she had slipped under his door, and released an e-mail she had sent him after the date of the alleged molestation that read in part, "I suggest that you just relax and let me undress you, touch you ... If you want, you can undo the garter and take off my stockings, take off my lace bra and underwear, and let your hands explore my body wherever they want to."